Podcast: Featured Guests Carlton Smith, Kevin Clemons, and Rev. Mother Meredith Moise

Original Air Date: February 27, 2012

Photo Carlton SmithCarlton Smith is the Executive Director and Founder of Baltimore Black Gay Pride. Read more.

Photo Kevin ClemonsKevin Clemons is the Chairperson of Baltimore Black Gay Pride.

Photo Rev. Mother Meredith MoiseRev. Mother Meredith Moise, an Old Catholic priest, writer, teacher and activist, lives in Baltimore, MD. This native New Yorker was a co-chair of Creating Change 2012, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s conference on LGBT equality. She was also recently elected to serve as Vice Chairperson of Baltimore Black Pride. Mother Meredith’s editorials and articles can be found in Baltimore OUTLoud, Baltimore’s independent voice for the LGBT community.

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