Podcast: Featured Guests Patrick Henderson and Wayno AmonRa

Original Air Date: July 2, 2012

Photo Patrick HendersonPatrick Henderson is a native Texan, who is a composer/record producer by profession. His music can be heard around the world from such artists as Aretha Franklin, Patty Labelle, Michael McDonald, Michael Boltin, the Commodores, Tremaine Hawkins, Brooklyn Tabernacle the Oslo Gospel Choir and the Mighty Clouds of Joy. He has lived in Baltimore since 1998, and presently serves as pastor of The Church of Spirit and Truth. By pioneering the advent of Praise and Worship Music in 1989 into the African American church, he is widely considered the father of the seismic shift that changed the style of black church worship music. He is Phi Theta Kappa and served as President of Student Governance and Student Trustee Representative at the Baltimore City Community College. Read more about Patrick.

Mr. Henderson also serves as host to Patrick Henderson’s Meet the People, a weekly talk radio show on Radio One’s Spirit 1400.

Photo Wayno AmonRaWayno AmonRa has a straight out of Baltimore demeanor with a Ph.D. conversation. He was once considered a criminal, he has paid his dues, and is now one of the biggest voices for equality, education and saving our children, by rebuilding the black family. Wayno has worked with numerous schools in the Baltimore & D.C. area, talking to kids about his mistakes and how they can make better choices. At the same time has conducted an after school programs at Baltimore City Community College, and works with various summer camps around the city, bringing his Matheletics and Science pep rallies to motivate the youth to take their education serous. He currently studies African History & Geography at Coppin State University. Read more about Wayno.

Wayno is a member of the Board of “Alexander & Alexander Youth Works,” Vice President of the “Patrick Henderson’s Family Garden Project,” and the Co-Founder of Unification Solutions. Wayno co-hosts “Patrick Henderson’s Meet the People” every Sunday at 2:30 on Radio One’s Spirit 1400 am and Mondays at 11:30 AM on WOLB 1010 AM.

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