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Logo PFLAG Baltimore CountyIn Support of Marriage Equality
January 22, 2012 – Lori and Bob Hollander

“Response to Dr. Ruth M. Jacobs and Michael McManus’ Opinion Published in

As licensed social workers, relationship experts and family counselors for 30 years, we are appalled at the statements made by Dr. Ruth Jacobs and Michael J. McManus, who do not indicate that they have training or a license in the field of psychology or mental health.

When we are assuming a position about the LGBT community, in order to move beyond the truth of mere “self-evident: personal opinion, prejudice or bias, we must ask this question, what science do we rely upon that is consistent with the position that we are taking?”


Logo Gay Life Maryland's LGBT Community NewsletterBlack, White & Gay Radio Tackles Relationships and Race
October 28, 2011 – Rose D’Longcroi

“It was during the 2010 hearings of the Maryland Civil Marriage Act that the Hollanders, practicing relationship/marriage counselors, met Pastor Larry Brumfield.

Lori and Bob Hollander have been advising couples for 23 years. When they heard about last year’s marriage bill hearings, they did not hesitate to take the 40 minute ride from their practice and home to lend their voices to the testimonies. Enter Pastor Larry Brumfield, whose moving testimony left a lasting impression on the Hollanders. They left the hearing with Pastor Brumfield’s words resounding in their ears and his contact information tucked safely away in their pocket.”


Logo Unitarian Universalists for Social JusticeBlack, White and Gay in America – New Radio Show
October 3, 2011 – CSnavely

“Relationship experts Bob and Lori Hollander, and Pastor Larry L. Brumfield are launching a weekly talk and call-in radio show on WOLB, Talk Radio 1010 am, Baltimore.”


Logo The Baltimore SunGay marriage opponents need to get the facts about homosexuality
August 25, 2011 – Lori W. Hollander

“Comparisons of gay marriage to polygamy and worse belie a lack of understanding about homosexuality. A state delegate from Virginia recently wrote on this page that ‘Sexual orientation is not limited to same- or complementary-sex attractions but includes attractions to children, prostitutes, multiple wives (polygamy), dead persons (necrophilia), animals, inanimate objects and others that could not printed in the Baltimore Sun out of deference to readers.’ Not only is this statement erroneous and misleading, it demonstrates a reckless disregard for the gay community.”


Logo Carroll County TimesResolution gives false impression
August 3, 2011 – Bob Hollander

“The unanimous vote by the Carroll County Board of Commissioners for the resolution 817-11 is disturbing. It conveys the impression that the benefits of the institution of marriage to children come solely from a heterosexual union.

Every peer reviewed scientific study and professional journal article published by the major and most respected medical, psychiatric and psychological disciplines of this country completely refute that assertion, and a simple computer search would have easily revealed this to them.

We are left trying to understand this stunning oversight.”